Would you like to write great copy that converts like crazy? Powerful copy that pulls in and hooks readers and turns them into buyers.

Then why not start learning from some of the best copywriters in the business. The good news is that a lot of them share their expertise freely on their copywriting blogs.

Best Copywriting Blogs

The following are the best copywriting blogs available written by these successful copywriters. These blogs contain their tips, secrets, and strategies they have learned from years of experience testing and refining their craft.

You will find helpful content no matter what level or place you are at in your copywriting career. Within these blogs you will find great advice and more importantly supportive communities willing to help you.

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Then check out the best AI writing tools – these tools will help you generate high-quality copy fast.

If you are just starting out, then in addition to reading and learning from the following best copywriting blogs, you should jump right in and start your own blog. It will allow you to hone your copywriting and give you a platform to test and refine the techniques and strategies you learn.

Checkout our other recommended writing blogs in this series:


Copyhackers Copywriting Blog
Source: Copyhackers

Copyhackers is a copywriting blog and community for conversion-focused copywriting, featuring articles, courses, and resources.

It covers a wide range of topics around digital marketing from content marketing to SEO and lead generation, and all the content is written by experts in Digital marketing that are passionate about helping you succeed.

Some of the other great content you will find on the blog:

  • Helpful Tutorials – Designed to help you learn and master different copywriting skills.
  • Case Studies – Real world examples of marketing successes or misses – these show how the skills and techniques work in practice.
  • Helpful Resources – These includes templates (email, landing page, etc…), checklists, and more. These will help you start applying the skills quickly using proven frameworks.


Copyblogger - Copywriting blog
Source: Copyblogger

Copyblogger is one of the best copywriting blogs for copywriting tips, techniques, and tutorials, featuring articles, podcasts, and courses.

It’s main focus is on creating content and copy that drives conversions from creating effective copy to creating compelling headlines that grab your attention.

This is truly a nuts-and-bolts style blog that provides actionable strategies that have proven to work.

The blog is updated regularly, so you will always find the latest trends and strategies that work in content marketing.

Some of the other great content you will find on the blog:

  • Real World Examples of effective copy.
  • Tutorials that walk you through various techniques and strategies with real examples and templates.
  • Academy Course that provides in depth training and access to tons of additional resources. Also uses a great long form landing page to get you to sign up!

Copywriting Course

Copywriting Course Blog
Source: Copywriting Course

Copywriting Course is a blog and community for copywriters, offering insights, tools, and templates for writing effective copy.


Source: ProCopyTips

ProCopyTips is the blog of copywriter and author Pauline Magnusson, offering tips, advice, and inspiration for copywriters.

The Copywriter Club

The Copywriters Club
Source: The Copywriter’s Club

The Copywriter Club is a blog and podcast for copywriters, featuring interviews, masterminds, and resources. They offer a membership that includes access to their private community and in-depth video and live trainings.

The Creative Copywriter

The Creative Copywriter
Source: The Creative Copywriter

The Creative Copywriter is a blog and copywriting agency based in the UK, featuring articles on copywriting, branding, and marketing.

The Copybot

Copybot Copywriting Blog
Source: Copybot

The Copybot is the blog of copywriter and marketer Demian Farnworth, featuring articles on copywriting, content marketing, and creativity.

Filthy Rich Writer

Filthy Rich Writer
Source: Filthy Rich Writer

Filthy Rich Writer is a blog and podcast for copywriters looking to make a lucrative career out of writing copy, offering courses, templates, and tips.

AWAI – American Writers & Artists Inc.

AWAI is a blog and community for copywriters, offering courses, certifications, and resources for copywriting and related fields like content marketing and social media.


Smart Blogger is a blog focused on content marketing and blogging, offering resources and courses to help writers improve their copywriting skills and grow their online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Copywriting

How do I become a blog copywriter?

In order to write copy for blogs, you will need to understand content marketing as well as the ability to write engaging copy.
You will need to learn and understand SEO tactics for making your copy rank well in the search engines.
Best way to become a blog copywriter is to start your own blog and get it making money.

Is copywriting a good side hustle?

Copywriting can definitely be a great side hustle that you can turn into a full time business.
There is no upfront costs and you can do it from anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet.
The best copywriting blogs above will give you the advice you need to get started.

What type of copywriting is most in demand?

There are many types of copywriting that are in very high in demand right now including Email copywriting, direct response copywriting, SEO and content marketing copywriting, and social media copywriting.

Can I teach myself copywriting?

Absolutely, You can teach yourself copywriting by reading the best copywriting blogs and/or taking courses to improve your writing.
Then start writing and experimenting with what you are learning to get a feel for what works (converts) and what doesn’t.
At first, you might want to focus on a specific type of copywriting like email or blog type copy. I usually recommend starting with a blog and then branching out to email marketing and landing pages. The blog gives you a cheap platform on which you can experiment and learn.

Why copywriting is important in online marketing?

Copywriting is important because it leads to more visitors, leads, and ultimately sales.
Engaging copy can hook people to get them to click, keep them reading, and make them want to do business with you.
It is the cornerstone of digital marketing, without it you will struggle to make any sort of money online.

Is Copywriting worth it?

Learning copywriting writing is definitely worth it, and in my opinion it is necessary skill for anyone serious about content marketing. Understanding and being able to create content that engages people and moves them along your sales funnel is critical for every type of content marketer from bloggers to Youtubers.

Thanks for Checking out the Best Copywriting Blogs!

We know how hard it can be as a beginner copywriter, but as you refine your craft, continue improve your writing, and learning from others in the copywriting community you will find success.

Many of these copywriters freely share their advice and struggles on their blogs. helping you avoid a lot of the mistakes they made.

Hopefully, the great content and communities you will find on the best copywriting blogs listed in this article will help you jumpstart your copywriting career, helping you land bigger and bigger projects or help you write copy that promotes your own products or services.

Want to learn how to turn your passion for writing into a passive income stream, then check out our guide to starting a blog and making money.

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