Best Writing Blogs for Creative Writers

Are you an aspiring writer wanting to write professionally? Do you want to work on improving your writing and honing your skills to get published?

Then why not start following great writing blogs and learn from other writers that have already blazed that trail and are willing and able to help you along your journey. The two best things you can do to make your writing better are to write something every day (practice) and learn new tips and techniques to constantly improve your writing skills.

The best way to start writing every day is to start a blog. It will allow you to hone your writing skills while creating a great asset to promote your finished works later! This way you can develop an audience and community that will eagerly want to read any books you publish!

The best way to learn new tips and techniques for both writing and promoting your writing is to learn from writers that are on that same journey as you and have found success.

The following creative writing blogs are designed for aspiring writers and contain content that will not only improve your writing skills but will help you in all aspects of starting a professional writing career.

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So get ready for an inspirational journey – it’s time to dive into top writing blogs every writer should be following:

1. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed
Source: Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed is a writing blog dedicated to the field of fiction writing that covers a wide range of topics, from craft advice to publishing and marketing strategies. It is written by a team of experienced writers and industry professionals.

You will find authors that have had success with traditional publishing route alongside self-published authors, ranging across all fiction genres. This means that you should be able to find advice and insights geared to your specific needs and interests as a writer.

They have also created a community around the blog, that allows you to interact with both other readers and the contributors themselves through online events, social media, and conferences.

If you are looking for a thoughtful and supportive community of writers then check out the Writer Unboxed writing blog.

2. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn
Sourece: The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is one of the most comprehensive writing blogs, created by Joanna Penn, a successful self-published author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She also publishes a companion podcast alongside her writing blog.

Two things that stand out about The Creative Penn is the breadth and depth of the content and Joanna’s focus on empowering writers to take control of their careers and pursue their creative passions

Not only will her articles help you hone your writing skills, they will also help you in the areas of self-publishing, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

If you are ready to take a more entrepreneurial approach to your writing career, the check out The Creative Penn writing blog.

3. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman's writing blog
Source: Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman’s writing blog is another exceptional resource for writers of all levels. It is beautifully organized and easy to navigate, with categories ranging from writing advice to book marketing and promotion.

You will find Jane’s posts to be friendly, informative, and engaging making even the most complex topics easy to understand. She gives you the nitty-gritty details of the writing and publishing process, including actionable tips and strategies that you can immediately apply to your own work.

She also invites other writers to share their unique perspective in guest posts. These guest posts are always informative and well-written, and they add an extra layer of value to an already exceptional writing blog.

If you want to improve your writing, learn more about the publishing industry and lasted trends then checkout Jane Friedman’s writing blog.

4. The Write Life

The Write Life
Source: The Write Life

The Write Life writing blog offers practical advice, inspiration, and resources for all levels of writers to improve their craft, build their platform, and navigate the publishing world.

What sets The Write Life apart from other writing blogs, is its focus on helping you make a living from your writing.

You will find practical advice on how to find clients, negotiate rates, and market yourself as a writer. It also features job listings and other resources if you are looking for freelance work.

If you are serious about earning a living as a writer then checkout The Write Life writing blog.

5. Write to Done

Write to Done writing blog
Source: Write to Done

Write to Done writing blog offers practical advice on writing, blogging, and publishing, as well as personal development for writers.

You will appreciate their commitment to helping you overcome common obstacles and challenges in your writing journey. With advice on everything from overcoming writer’s block to dealing with rejection, you get practical tools and strategies to help you succeed.

Write to Done’s high-quality content, and focus on personal development make it a valuable and inspiring read to help you take your writing to the next level.

6. Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping writers become authors
Source: Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping Writers Become Authors writing blog by K.M. Weiland is a great resource to help you achieve your writing goals with a variety of articles on different topics including plot development, character creation, and story structure.

Weiland has a knack for breaking down complex writing concepts into easy-to-understand steps, giving you clear actionable advice that you can immediately apply to you own writing.

You can take advantage or K.M. Weiland’s regular writing prompts and exercises to help you practice your writing skills and learn from Weiland’s own personal writing experiences and struggles.

Check out Helping Writers Become Authors writing blog for its valuable advice and its emphasis on regular writing practice.

7. Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford's writing blog
Source: Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford uses his writing blog to share valuable insights into the publishing industry and craft of writing based on his wealth of experience as a literary agent and author.

You will appreciate his ability to break down complex topics into easy-to-understand language as he covers topics ranging from the basics of story structure to more advanced topics like voice and style.

Bransford is also very active on Social media and has created community around his blog that will allow you to connect and share experiences with other writers.

Check out Nathan Bransford’s writing blog to get the advice you need to improve your writing and navigate the publishing world.

8. Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips
Source: Daily Writing Tips

The Daily Writing Tips writing blog offers helpful tips and tricks to improve your create, with a vast array of articles covering everything from grammar and syntax to story structure and character development.

You will find an active community of writers on the blog that actively participate in the comment sections on each posts. Use the comments to connect with other writers, ask questions, and share your experiences to help one another.

Check out the Daily Writing Tips writing blog to find a supportive community of other writers and great content to make you a better writer.

9. The Write Practice

The Write Practice
Source: The Write Practice

The Write Practice writing blog offers great practical tips and advice on everything from character development and scene structure to helping writers produce more polished work.

This is another blog that focuses on providing actionable tips that you can apply to start improving your writing skills immediately. It also has built a community of other writers by hosting writing contests and challenges helping writers connect and provide feedback on each others work.

Check out The Write Practice and become part of a great community, learn new skills, and take part in writing challenges to practice and refine your writing.

It can be difficult to break into professional writing in the beginning, but as you refine your craft, continue improve your writing it will get easier, and learn from others in the writing community and writing blogs, it will get easier.

Hopefully, the great content and communities you will find on the writing blogs listed in this article will help you jumpstart your writing career, and make your journey more enjoyable and rewarding.

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