Blogging Terms and Definitions

As you get started on your blogging journey there are a lot of terms you will come across that you may not know. Here is a comprehensive glossary of blogging terms and their definitions.

Use the following table of contents to find the terms quickly:

A – F : Blogging Terms

A – Terms

AdSense: Google’s ad platform that allows you get create ads to be displayed on all Google properties.

Affiliate: a person or organization that promotes and sells a product or service on behalf of another company, receiving a commission or percentage of the revenue generated from each sale they make.

Affiliate Marketing: Promoting products and services of other companies through various means to generate commissions from sales referrals.

AI Writing Tools: Software that uses artificial intelligence and NLP algorithms to write content.

Analytics: The metrics that track visitors to your site or blog including referral site, referral search phrases, pages visited, and conversions. These metrics help you understand how your visitors are reaching your site and what they do once they land on your site.

Anchor Text: The displayed test of a link on your blog pages.

Alt Text: The alternative text that describes an image displayed on your blog pages.

Article: An informational post or page on your blog targeting a specific topic.

Author: The individual that wrote an article or articles.

B – Terms

Backlink: A link from an external site that points back to a page on your blog.

Blog: A type site containing articles or posts typically arranged in reverse chronological order (newest first). Today, blogs can take many forms and don’t necessarily follow the typical journal style of old time blogs.

Blogger: A person that publishes articles on a blog site.

Blogger PR: Utilizing public relations techniques to get mentions in the media.

Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of people that land on your site and immediately hit the back button to get back to the search results.

C – Terms

Call to Action: An script or application attached to a form that prompts users to prove they are human before allowing the form to be submitted

CAPTCHA: An script or application attached to an input form that prompts users to prove they are human before allowing the form to be submitted

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):

Category: A grouping topic on a blog for organizing posts. Categories have their own pages and will provide a listing of all posts assigned to them.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): This is the ratio of users that click through a link or search result to the the number of times that it is displayed (impressions). clicks / impressions * 100 = CTR

Comments: User generated questions or thoughts that are submitted and displayed at the end of a blog post. This provides a way for users to interact with an article on a blog.

Content Calendar: This is the schedule and plan for developing content for a website. It will have topics and headlines of future articles with a date when they are planned to be written and posted.

Content Management System (CMS): An platform that manages the creation and display of articles and web pages on a site. As an example, WordPress is a blogging CMS which allows bloggers to manage their content and the appearance of their sites.

Content Marketing

Content Silo

Conversion Rate

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Creative Commons

D – Terms

Deep Linking

Direct Traffic

Domain Name

Domain Authority

E – Terms

Evergreen Content

F – Terms



G – N : Blogging Terms

G – Terms

Guest Post

H – Terms



Heading Tags


Hosting Service



I – Terms



Internal Link

K – Terms


Keyword Research

L – Terms

Lead Magnet

Link Bait

Link building


Long-Form Content

Long-Tail Keywords

M – Terms

Meta Description

Meta Title



N – Terms



O – S : Blogging Terms

O – Terms

Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Organic Growth

Organic Search Results

P – Terms


Page Rank

Page Views

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)


Pillar Content



R – Terms


Referral Traffic

Rich Search Results


S – Terms

Schema Markup

Search Console

Search Intent



Self-Hosted Blog



Skyscraper Technique


Social Media Sharing

Split Testing

Sponsored Post


T – Z : Blogging Terms

T – Terms




Thin Content



U – Terms

Unique Visitor


User Intent

User Generated Content (UGC): Any content created by visitors to a site. In regards to blogs this would be comments or forum posts.

V – Terms



W – Terms

Web Server



X – Terms


Hopefully, this glossary of blogging terms will help you as you start your blogging journey. If we have missed any definitions you think should be in this list, please leave us a comment and we will add it. Thanks for your help!

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