Our Blogs Life

My name is Charles Kirkendall and I created this blog to document my journey to create multiple passive income streams, and to share the strategies and techniques I have learned in the process.

This blogs life is a work in progress as I have been working to put into words all the things I have learned on my journey. I try to publish multiple posts a week, so please stop back often to checkout the new content.

Now back to my journey – I have tried many different approaches in the past to generate extra passive income. Some of them I abandon to move on to next shiny idea (one of my major flaws), and other’s just did not live up to their promise.

Most of them took time away from me and my family instead of giving me time. I knew I had to be missing a critical piece in turning these opportunities into a true passive income streams.

Let me walk through me journey to discover this missing piece of the puzzle and finally find success.

Starting in College


Real Estate Rehabbing Attempt #1

Building Single Family Rental Empire

Niche Blog Sites and PPC Arbitrage

Passive Partial Owner of Storage Facility

Real Estate Rehabbing Attempt #2

Real Estate Rehabbing Attempt #3

Real Estate Rehabbing Attempt #4

Rental Empire Collapses

Our Blogs Life Continues

Stay tuned to see how our journey continues…